Academus Alternative GCSE Pathways

Academus Alternative GCSE Pathways

FasTrack GCSEs

This course is for students who are presently in Year 11 and at risk of not achieving in school due to medical, personal or behaviour reasons.

Academus has developed a FasTrack pathway which engages and focuses these young people on the GCSE course by providing lessons through our unique FasTrack GCSE programme.

Academus offers students the opportunity to continue with their core curriculum in English, Maths, Core or Additional sciences, ICT and Citizenship. Students continue with their coursework as well as their subject skills and Academus teachers provide all the support required to achieve at their highest potential. This Pathway offers qualifications at

Foundation Level.

Academus FasTrack Pathways have a January start and end in June. If you have any student who would benefit from this Pathway, please contact our curriculum team with your requirement.

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