Key Stage 2 Pathway Academus Alternative

Key Stage 2 Pathway


English is essential for communication at all levels and therefore we emphasise that all of our students achieve a high level of literacy. English lessons are separated in three broad areas: Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing. These are taught as part of integrated courses at Key Stage 2 and we encourage reading and writing proficiency of all our students to make sure they have a sound start in secondary school. We also provide support for pupils with English as a second language.


Maths like Literacy is a basic skill which is required for all future success. We are passionate about increasing Numeracy skills and abilities for all out students and actively promote gaining proficiency in Mathematics/Numeracy. At Key Stage 2 student learn how to deal with numbers, solve simple problems involving numbers, shape, space, measures and data handling.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is part of everything we do in the modern world; it is as important as being able to use a pen to write. Academus is a virtual School, and we expect all students at KS2 to be able to appreciate ICT in every subject effectively. We follow the National Curriculum.

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