Key Stage 5 – AS/A Level

Key Stage 5- AS/A ‘Level

A’ Levels

There is a wide range of choice of A’ levels to choose from in preparing you for work or higher education. Whether you want to be able to apply for medicine or enter the world of business and commerce we will identify your individual needs and support you in your aspirations. Our courses at this stage can be one to two years long so you must be prepared to work throughout the qualification in order to achieve your full potential and qualification.

One and Two Year Programmes

To join Key Stage 5, all students need to have a GCSE or equivalent in the subjects they wish to study as well as English and Maths at grade C or above.

AS/A2 Pathways

Academus Alternative offers the following KS5 A’ Level Pathways. To join any pathway, you need to have taken the subject at GCSE/IGCSE and have a grade B or above. All students will also be expected to have a GCSE qualification in English and Mathematics.

Academus offers the following A’ Level Pathways strands:

  • Core Science Pathway: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.
  • Maths & Computing Pathway: ICT, Maths, Further Maths, Applied ICT or Computing
  • Economic and Business Pathway: Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, Government and Politics.
  • Humanities and Media Pathway: Languages (Latin), History, Media Studies,
    Film Studies.
  • Law/Sociology Pathway: Law, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy

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