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The On Track Learning Programme

The On Track Learning Programme has been developed specifically to address the needs of children for whom English is not their first language. The programme is used by a Local Authority to ensure that newly arrived children can be quickly settled in a learning environment whilst awaiting a mainstream permanent school place.

The On Track Learning Programme is used in schools where students need some further support with their English language development. This could be for both the student who has very little grasp of English or for the student who has a good command of the language and needs further development to accelerate their learning.

The On Track Learning Programme is typically offered over 12 weeks per term, however, when the situation demands a student can be accepted during the school term.

The programme focuses on Assessment, Assimilation and Acceleration.


The student is swiftly assessed to determine their language acquisition, their ability in maths and other subjects, if they have any other additional needs or are potentially Gifted & Talented. This is done through pupil profiling based on information from previous experiences and prior attainment. Their ability to perform at National Curriculum levels is established. A pupil profile report card is created which can be taken with them to their new school. The programme of study is created for the student.


The student is connected to appropriate learning in English. Maths, Science and PSHE based on National Curriculum guidelines. Regular tracking ensures appropriate tasks are set for students and progress is monitored. The student is taught in an environment that closely resembles mainstream school. Students can work individually, in pairs and groups.


We promote high challenge learning. The immediate feedback during lessons ensures a student is involved in their learning. We provide extra materials for students to develop their independent learning. A summative report is produced which clearly states the national Curriculum level the student is working at. This is passed onto the school.

How It Works

The students are taught either at school, home with adult supervision or at a Local Authority learning centre. To participate in this programme there is a simple requirement of a PC or laptop and access to a broadband connection. Provision can be made to provide the necessary equipment to ensure that a student is not missing from education any longer than is necessary. Our expert technical team can quickly address any issues.

All our lessons are recorded and have clear objectives making use of a wide range of resources including audio, video, power point, whiteboard slides and worksheets. To demonstrate progress and a return on investment Academus Alternative Primary offers regular reports on student progress and attendance through clear monitoring and tracking.


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