Academus Educational and Pastoral Process

Academus Educational and Pastoral Process

Academus takes the pastoral care of every young person we work with very seriously. All our teachers are experienced at working with learners of all walks of life. We offer mentoring and support at all levels.

Once a Learner has been placed in an appropriate learning group, Academus continues to monitor their learning through:

Diagnostic assessments: This is carried out when a student starts a course. This allows the subject and Course tutors to work out what support mechanisms are required for the young person. Following the diagnostic assessment, students are offered extra support on their chosen Pathway.

Formative assessments are carried at regular intervals in the course; some will be carried out weekly to inform the student’s progress and support need. Other assessments will be carried out in the shape of unit completion through Tests and Verification of their work.

Individual Learning/ Education Plan: All students have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP/ IEP) where their progress is logged weekly. All data is available to schools/ LEAs. Students have regular tutorial sessions where they discuss their progress with their Course Tutor. Each student has access to their ILP/ IEP and can monitor their own progress as well which makes them involved in their own learning.

Online Reporting: All pupils, Parents, Schools, Local Authorities as well as the many partners involved in supporting a successful outcome can download or view our daily attendance and report system to provide early intervention. It’s really very simple. Just login and view reports and you will be able to reports on the pupil after each lesson.

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