Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

The Student of the Future

“Education, education, education” may have been a political motto however at Academus Alternative, we recognise that education is the pathway to personal, economic and societal success. We therefore recognise that not all students are the same and that not one size fits all. It is precisely for this reason that we match our students to individualised programmes rather than trying to fit individuals to a fixed template which may or may not be to the best interest of the child. Academus prides itself in having a package of programmes to help each student focus on developing essential skills required for progression into the next curriculum stage and beyond.

Academus Alternative is an online school which offers a safe and secure environment where students interact with their course tutor, subject teachers and other students just like they would in a traditional school environment. There is no classroom disruption time and our zero tolerance bullying policy makes it an ideal learning environment for all.

Not just whiteboards!

Academus does not offer CBT learning; the teacher is in the virtual classroom throughout the lesson and can and does assign differentiated tasks in order to maintain interest. The teacher is also available throughout the lesson for the student to ask questions without the conversation being displayed to the rest of the class. This builds rapport and helps the less-confident learner to make progress. We use a number of different pedagogical techniques to stimulate learning and drive up attendance rates, including the use of short academic films, music and interactive blogging which has been demonstrated to be particularly effective with reluctant writers. We are continually developing or range of learning features to ensure that learners are exposed to topical issues, in a user-friendly and effective way. Lessons may start with a piece of music, short topical film or even a quiz. Lesson objectives are set out clearly on the whiteboard at the opening of each learning session. Students log in promptly and welcome the chance to use the chat facility to communicate with each other for a few minutes before the lesson begins.

Our Pathways

Academus Alternative has been pioneering learning for students from KS3 to KS5 since 2009. We have now added KS2 provision to our curriculum to support your students’ learning and your school/local authority’s requirement for education.

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Our expertise

Academus has excellent record and experience in working with young offenders and Looked after Children- all within the safe and secure online classes that are live and recorded hence available to mentors, guardians and all responsible adults. We have great deal of expertise in working with students who are otherwise unable to access mainstream education in an ordinary school classroom for example teenage parents and young people with Asperger’s, school phobic, medically ill to name a few.

Our teachers

At Academus, qualified specialist teachers deliver live online lessons based on the UK National Curriculum and QCF qualifications. Our delivery is completely flexible, with classes being delivered from 5 hours to 25 hours per week on a very cost effective pricing policy. Our live online lessons have a maximum of 12 students and all classes are taught by qualified Enhanced CRB checked teachers. Technical issues are quickly resolved with our dedicated and knowledgeable support staff.

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