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Every child deserves an education as a right. This is the principle that guides our school; we strive to offer the best education to all our students, primary and secondary.

The presence of modern technology in our everyday lives is also a medium for 21st Century educational methods of teaching and learning, which not only offers a new perspective towards both teaching and learning, but also a new and focused way of accessing knowledge, skills and education.

Our secondary school has been running very well with our students achieving very high levels despite their earlier misgivings and their often negative relationship with learning. Our primary school aims to offer just the same for younger learners.  Academus offers very small classes with a maximum of 10 students in any classroom as well as a friendly, communicative environment which fosters great friendships between students and a greater emphasis on student and teacher collaboration.

Our ethos is to provide learning without barriers and we aim to offer exactly what we claim to provide; a safe, enjoyable, educational, interactive and valued experience of learning for all our students.  We treat every student as an individual. We know them all well. We respect them all. We draw out their individual talents and we rejoice in their personal achievements and in their individual contribution. Education at Academus is lively and varied, creative and imaginative.

True to the aims of our founders, we encourage intellectual curiosity, remove barriers to learning and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. More than just a place of study, Academus is an inclusive, tolerant, positive and friendly community. It is stimulating and demanding; cheerful and open-minded. We are more than happy to give prospective parents and pupils a ‘virtual tour’ of life at the School.

I hope you will take a look on our website. I truly believe that Academus is a uniquely happy and successful school.

– Ms Zainab Ramji

School Principal

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