Welcome to Academus Secondary

Welcome to Academus Secondary, the learning environment, where every learner matters and failure is banished to the past. Our qualified, expert and specialist teachers deliver online, live and on-demand alternative provision based on the UK’s National Curriculum and QCF qualifications.

Academus works with learners from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5; we work in partnership with schools, local authorities and any agencies responsible for the wellbeing of young people. We support students to progress into further/higher education and the world of work through meaningful progression pathways.

Why Academus?

  • Secure and safe participation in a 21st Century School
  • A SMART solution that offers new beginnings in education
  • No more than 12 students per class
  • Excellent Monitoring - regular updates for LEAs, schools and parents/carers
  • Motivational strategies – support system available for all learners

Everything a traditional school would be expected to have; Academus Alternative has it all on the Internet. Academus students are more than just students; they are part of a wider school community, learning online, making friendships, and becoming independent learners ready for Further and Higher Education. We invite you to browse our website, download our brochures, view our students’ newsletter or feel free to call us or email us for any further information.

Academus can accept students throughout the academic year so all you need to do is download and fill in the registration form and open the opportunity of the 21st Century School for any young person.

Want To Know More?

Contact us to find out more.