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Our students

At Academus Independent we admit pupils from the age of 11-16 into our Primary School (Years 5 and 6),  Senior School (Years 7 to 11) and from 16-19 into our Sixth Form.

We organize our students according to the national curriculum levels:

Our students come from a large pool worldwide. We admit pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a tolerant and inclusive ethos. Our strength lies in our flexibility, and we have had excellent success with pupils unable to attend mainstream school for a variety of reasons as well as those who actively choose to learn through the Virtual School.

Some of our successes have come from pupils who were:

  • Home Schooled
  • International expatriates
  • Unable to attend school for medical reasons
  • Excluded from Secondary School
  • Victims of bullying
  • School Phobic

Home Schooled

Y was a home schooled child due to parental choice. He had built good skills for learning independently and informally, however in his teens, Y decided that it was time for him to join mainstream school as he did not want to start his GCSEs on his own. Y however did not wish to go into a traditional school set up as he did not feel he would be able to cope with the pressures of a large physical school and its population.  Initially, Y lacked the confidence of adapting his own skills in learning to a formal classroom setting. Y had teething problems in all subjects- more specifically the interaction required in a classroom with many academically bright young people however within a short period he settled down and the following are his words about being at Academus Independent:

“At first I kept very quiet in class, because I thought I didn’t know much. Soon I began to realise that the subjects that were being taught were not only interesting but the virtual school allowed me to interact with my teachers privately due to the private chat facilities. This helped me build confidence and in no time, I was able to join with the rest of my group! I love the lesson comments after each lesson as they help me know how I am doing in each subject. After the results of my last assessments my teachers predicted me mostly A’s and A* for my GCSEs/iGCSEs.”

Expatriates wanting to keep up with UK Curriculum

G’s parents were transferred to a remote part of Africa for work. The closest school was a few thousand miles away and being at a crucial stage of education G had only one choice, boarding school which no one in the family thought a good idea. That is when G’s parents discovered Academus Independent. This is what they think:

“We are on the same latitude as France, so with an hour time difference from UK, our daughter can access Academus Independent every day sitting in sunny part of Africa. We can’t believe she will be taking some GCSEs next year and already we can see the amazing progress G has made in such a short time. The wide range of GCSEs our daughter is taking means that she will be able to choose a broad range of A-levels and choose a university career of her choice. The best part of Academus is that we can be together as a family otherwise she would have been sent to a boarding school. Now G  still attends a British school and she loves going to school every day and is in a class with students spread over the world. Thank you Academus!”.

Unable to attend school due to medical reasons

S came to Academus Independent as a result of a medical condition that prevented her from being out and about. S attendance in mainstream school was less than 20% and this had a severe impact on S’s confidence and self-esteem. S had become very reserved, shy and scared. S was predicted with below average results due to her condition. S now says:

“I wanted to go to school, learn and achieve. Because I was so ill I could not go to school regularly and so my teachers gave up on me and I was told that I would not achieve much. I lost all hope and decided that I would find a school that could help me. My mother scoured the internet and eventually found Academus. My attendance is now above 99% and I am doing Latin, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Computer Sciences, English Language and Literature. To top it all I am also doing Religion and Philosophy and after my last assessments I was predicted A and A* for all my subjects”. Academus has changed my life and at least I know that I will have a future after I get well.”.

Excluded from Secondary School

J was constantly getting into trouble and avoided going to school. Eventually J was excluded and J became completely disaffected with education. J saw no point in getting an education. J’s parents then discovered that he had behavioural and learning difficulties and enrolled him with Academus. These are his comments:

“I could not understand my teachers; the classes were always too noisy and all I did was get excluded from most lessons and sit for hours doing very little. After a while I decided to avoid school and I just stayed in bed. They could not physically force me to go to school and it was then that my mother discovered Academus. I loved doing Computer studies, Business studies and Maths. I hated English and just could not write essays. The teachers at Academus were very patient and supported me. Eventually I began to see my own capabilities. I am now predicted descent grades all over and now my attendance is above 98%. I love going to my classes now and having friends”.



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