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About a Virtual School

What is a (Virtual) School? A safe and secure environment for pupils of all backgrounds to enquire, exchange ideas, socialise, achieve and above all learn the skills of learning. We have a very strong pastoral care system with every class having an allocated Form Teacher who is responsible for guiding and supporting each and every student in his/her care.

(Academus Independent) Teachers – Enhanced DBS and subject qualified teachers who facilitate a safe and secure environment for pupils to engage, socialise, achieve and allow pupils to become independent learners.

(Academus Independent) Principal – Supports teachers to develop a safe, secure and engaging environment to maintain the highest possible quality of educational delivery that is cutting- edge, relevant, engaging and allows its pupils to develop into confident, independent and able learners ready to take the challenge of life.

Academus Independent– Creating independent and well-rounded leaders for tomorrow’s world. Academus Independent is a Virtual School that provides a high quality and cost-effective education for its pupils in cooperation with you.

Why Academus Independent

“We were living in a remote part of Mozambique, and there were no English speaking schools for our age group” S

                       “The only major reason I would recommend this school to a pupil who doesn’t already attend a school, is if they WANT to carry on with their education. I know Academus can help you reach your highest possible achievement.” M

                       “Prior to joining, I was unaware of what to expect. The school provides a challenge/reward approach but also caters to individual difficulties” R

                       “I don’t know how I would have managed without Academus” Z

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